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Complex Trnica


The brand “Korab Trnica” dates from the distant 1945. From the beginning of its existence, the main activity was the breeding of sheep, and thus the production and independent sale through its own dairy and meat shops. “Korab Trnica” as a brand is known for its renowned traditional products such as “Korab yellow cheese”, “Trnica’s cheese” and “Trnica’s sour milk”. Over the years, the company has continuous growth and expansion of its activities. Hence, in 1974, the restaurant “Korab Trnica” was built and started to work, and then it is complemented by an accommodation complex. As a special feature of the restaurant, the kachamak is served with sour milk, “Korab yellow cheese” or “Trnica’s sheep cheese”, which were traditionally produced in the mandra, and then kept in the caves of Mount Korab

In 2015, the investment cycle returns the glitter of the brand “Korab Trnica”. Today, beside the traditional spirit, modernization and development of the activities of the enterprise has been done. The concept of “Korab Trnica” can be called “from nature to table”. This concept includes ┬áthe production of natural products and their sale through their own channels. For that purpose, the company has its own farms for high-grade stale sheep and goats, from which milk produces traditional and natural dairy products, continuously throughout the year. These products are characterized by high and constant quality. Except for milk, sheep and goats are distinguished by high quality meat. The company owns its own bovine herd, whose characteristic is also the high quality of meat. In the warm parts of the year, the cattle are brought to pastures on Mount Korab, where they have juicy and high quality grasses. For the production of meat, the company has its own slaughterhouse, which includes all high criteria and standards for production. With the desire to be as close as possible to the nature, we also provided our own beehive, which gives 100% natural honey. Under the brand “Korab Trnica” a wide range of natural products such as sheep and goat dairy products, veal, lamb, beef and goat loaf fresh meat, natural honey are produced and sold. Soon, there will be pasta, mushrooms and forest fruits. The sale of the products is carried out through its own channels, such as the restaurant in “Trnica”, as well as in its own stores, two of which are currently located in Skopje, and one is within the complex in Trnica.


Satisfying the needs of consumers through an overall concept of production and sales of natural food products.


Our vision is to become the largest producer of natural products of premium quality on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.